In the name of Allah the Beneficent, Most Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Almighty. May Allah’s peace and blessings be unto His Prophet and slave-servant Messenger Mohammed PBUH.

This website aims at connecting the human being with His Lord, Allah, the Almighty by enabling him to entrust Allah first and last. We aim to link a believer to His Lord, Allah, the Almighty directly and not in a shallow manner.

This website guides the visitor to several items. It introduces the symptoms that appear on the person who suffers black or evil magic, evil-eye, epilepsy or attacks by Jinni.
A person should examine his situation personally. If the symptoms apply to him, he should seek the treatment. If not, All praise is due to Allah, the Almighty. Then, he does not need to take any further action as far as this thing is concerned.
If the visitor feels that the symptoms apply to him, then he/she should follow the detailed treatment program. He/she should recite Roqiah unto himself, by himself and fro himself. One should listen daily to the recitation of the Roqiah that is available in various formats on the site.

The website would provide support to everyone who seeks it all over the world.

I ask Allah, the Almighty to grant us all success, guidance and speedy recovery. He is Most-Capable to do as He pleases.

Your loving brother Sheikh Ahmad bin Saud AlBlaihed