It is permissible to use lawful Islamic supplications as treatment Reviewed by AbuNawaf on . All praise is due to Allah, the Almighty. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Mohammed, his companions and his family members. This is the answe All praise is due to Allah, the Almighty. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Mohammed, his companions and his family members. This is the answe Rating:

It is permissible to use lawful Islamic supplications as treatment

All praise is due to Allah, the Almighty. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Mohammed, his companions and his family members.
This is the answer of AbdulAziz bin Baz to all who see and read. May Allah protect us all of trials, afflictions and the Satanic insinuations,
Allah stated in Quran, 51:55, ‘But teaches (thy Message) for teaching benefits the Believers.’ Also, Allah stated in Quran, 5:2, ‘Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancor: fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment.’
Allah’s Messenger PBUH is reported to have said, ‘A religion is but advice (3 times).’ He was asked, O Prophet of Allah: to whom advice should be offered? He replied, ‘To Allah, His Book and to the Muslims’ leaders and public.’
Due to the existence of a great number of falsifiers and sorcerers lately who claim that they can treat people via black or evil magic, though they are ignorant and falsifiers, it is incumbent on us to advice people about this issue. There is a great danger in following the practices of such falsifiers. Following their instructions contradicts the Commandments of Allah and the instructions of Allah’s Messenger Mohammed PBUH. Beware of this.
Seeking medical treatment in Islam is condoned, permitted and an acceptable practice. Take all necessary steps and precautions when you feel ill. Visit a medical doctor that is specialist in your illness and ask Allah, the Almighty for help and cure.
Allah, the Almighty is the one who created the illness and sent it down to earth. He sent along with it its cure and treatment. Some people would know the medicine while others would not. Allah does not make the cure and place it in things that He declared unlawful for them to have, take or use. Think about it! It is not permissible to an ill person to visit a priest or a magician of any type [anywhere in the world] seeking cure or treatment from them. People who claim that they know the unseen are liars [whoever they are]. Beware of this. We have already discussed the evidences from the Sunnah, practices and traditions. [Please revise these questions.]

Muslims and Muslim rulers must fight such false claimers and maybe lock them up and penalize them appropriately in order to stop fooling people, harming them and causing them a chaos in their lives and minds.
Allah’s Messenger Mohammed PBUH declared priests black or evil magicians are disbelievers. Beware of this.
A sound Muslim should not and must not visit any evil magicians and/or believe what they say no matter what it was.
Black or evil magic is unlawful [and all types of magic as well]. Read verse 2:102.
We ask Allah for protection of all evils. We should all be aware of such black or evil magicians and warn others about their evils.
If evil magic was fine and accepted practice by Allah He would have mention it in Quran.
The following are things that may pre-protect against evil magic and evil magicians practices and harms. Also, we would list some of the things that could benefit as treatment aftermath [after a person is under the influence of evil magic].
1.    Protect yourself always by reading the specific portions of Quran and Hadith supplications that are listed publically for all Muslims. Recite the verse of the Throne 2:255 after each daily prescribed prayer. Recite it when you go to bed. It is the greatest verse in the Glorious Quran. Recite Suras 112, 113 and 114 after each prayer and when you go to bed. Recite the last two verses of Surat AlBaqarah [The Calf] 2:285-6 before you go to sleep, as authentically reported by Allah’s Messenger Mohammed PBUH.
2.    Seek refuge with Allah often saying, ‘I seek refuge with Allah’s most perfect words from the evils of all what He has created.
3.    Say the following statement thrice at the beginning of the day and night: “In the name of Allah Who with His name nothing would harm neither on earth nor in heaven. He is the All-Hearing and All-Seeing.” This is authentically reported from Allah’s Messenger Mohammed PBUH.
Maintaining such statements with full faith will surely protect with Allah’s help and permission against all evil magic and other types of evil.
It is authentically reported from Allah’s Messenger Mohammed PBUH that, ‘Oh Allah! The Lord of [all] people [mankind]. Remove this hardship [pain]. Cure as You are the [true] curer. Please cure in such a manner that there remains no pain or illness. Say: “In the name of Allah I offer Roqya for you against the evil of any [evil] soul, evil-envying eye. Oh Allah! Cure him/her. In the name of Allah I offer Roqya for you. Repeat this statement three times.
Treating black or evil magic after it took place, such as if a man can’t have lawful intercourse with his wife, he should take (7) nabk [lotus] leaves, grind them, put them in a container and add enough water and pour the water on his entire body. Before pouring the water, recite the Verse of the Throne 2:255, Suras 112, 113, 114, verse 16 of Surah the Heights 8:16 – 17, verses of Sura Surah Younus [Jonah] 10:18-19, and verses from Surah Taha 20:20-21.
Drink a little water after recitation of the verses and rinse your body with the remnant water. The person would be cured by Allah’s help. You may repeat this act as many times as needed until the pain goes with Allah’s help.
Another way of treating the evil magic is to physically destroy the action of the magician verbally in terms of removing knots or else that believed to be of his own doing.
Treating the evil magic with another evil magic action or going to a magician who orders to slaughter for Jinns or else, is not acceptable, not allowed and illegal in Islam. Such act is an act of Satan. It is not permissible also to visit persists, sooth-Sayers and falsifiers to ask them=m for help. They are not believers to begin with. They claim to know the unseen, which is a big lie. Allah’s Messenger Mohammed PBUH warned Muslims to go to such people.

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