Water and oil

Press here to learn about the method of using the water and olive oil that are recited on. You can download this file and print it by pressing on link as well.

If you have any comment on the distribution points services, please communicate with me through the site.

Please note that the water, olive oil and saffron distributed at these points are free-of-charge.


Dubai: Free saffron that is recited on is distributed through H.E. Sheikh Hisham bin Ali AlHashimi, who is known for his charitable contributions and his desire to serive his brethren through Roqiah. May Allah, the Almighty reward him and bless his heart.
Sheikh Hisham also distributes water and olive oil free-of-charge.
You can communicate with him through mobile No. ++971505587741

For Riyadh Hospitals only

We freely distribute water and olive oil recited on along with saffron and honey to in-patient in KFSHRC, Security Forces Hospital, Military Hospital, KFMC in cooperation with one of the kind Sheikhs who also recites on suffering patients for the cause of Allah who call him. May Allah, the Almighty reward him and bless his heart as well. Please send an SMS to this number before calling: 0555443332


Owais Market – AlMahmoud Herbal Store – Mobile No. 0502029486. They also carry honey that is recited on.
alRawabi – AlZubair bin Al’Awwam St. – AlBarrak Dates – next to AlHayaleh Fruit and Vegetables Stand. Tel. 2080720-4970581-0508061264-0551536276
They also carry honey that is recited on.
Malaz – Qasr AlTawabil Herbal Store – Next to Ghawwar Restaurant – Tel No. 0114750888
alRawabi – between exits 14-15
Sahabat-unlawful-Qasim Vegetables store. 0114937333—- 0594020202


AlNahrin Islamic Recordings – AlArbaeen St. AlSafa Quarter – Opposite to AlBaik Restaurant – Mobile No. 0566854279 – 0509394050


Scheme [Lot] 91 – Sada AlQurra’ Recordings Mobile No. 966504805970


alMathneb – Comercial St. – AlJalees alSaleh for Honey and Incense – Tel No. 3420410


Bookstore – Commercial Market – Tel. 3352030 Mobile No.  0505152425
They also carry Sheikh Ahmad bin Saud alBulaihid’s mix for pregnancy and anti-wombs black or evil magic, and honey that is recited on as well.


AlTurath AlIslami Recordings – Restaurants St. – Next to AlMasiyyeh restaurant Mobile No. 0543445451-0566639090


Mobile No. 0505168129 Tel. No. 5325123
A distribution point would be announced soon in the city.